9th NET-ELC Tagung 2004

A talk about the tool was given at the 9th NET-ELC Tagung (conference) at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. The conference took place in November 2004. There was also a booth in the exhibition section were the tool was demonstrated.

Folien-NET-Tagung-2004.pdfThe slides of the talk [German].
Poster-NET-Tagung-2004.pdfThe german version of the project poster used at the demo booth.

Intel Academic Forum 2004

ETH Lecture Communicator was presented at the poster session of the Intel Academic Forum 2004, which took place in Barcelona, Spain, in April 2004.

Poster-IAF2004.pdfA poster giving an overview of the tool.
Slides-IAF2004.pdfSome introductory slides from the forum's information CD-ROM.

Frontiers in Education 2003

An initial prototype of the tool was presented at the Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE 2003) in November 2003 by Cristian Tuduce.

FIE_2003.pdfThe full FIE 2003 paper (PDF document).